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Leaves of Daphne

by Dodjie Buncab

Leaves of Daphne

In ancient Greece, the "Alyei Dafna", meaning "the leaves of Daphne", paid tribute and praise to the greatest achievements in politics, sports, scholastics and the arts.

I used the Laurel Wreath symbol as a tribute to the highest achievements honored by the “Award for Excellence for Handicrafts”, not only because it stands for the highest achievements, but also because it represents excellence from the rich heritage and lineage of the Grecian Golden Age.

To make the wreath more relevant and significant to this Award, I transformed the Laurel leaves into a handcrafted, interwoven element… representing perhaps a woven basket or tapestry. The two golden hands within the wreath are the creative and skillful hands that this award is intended to recognize and honor.

Likewise the colors of gold and black reinforce the theme of excellence and imbue the overall design with an elegant and timeless appeal.