Crafting Excellence

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Hand and Wreath As One

by Dodjie Buncab

Hand and Wreath As One

Designed to recognize the skillful hands for which this award is intended, the design “Hand and Wreath as One” depicts half of a Laurel Wreath, the “Alyei Dafna", meaning "the leaves of Daphne", which paid tribute or praise to the greatest achievements in politics, sports, scholastics and the arts, and the mirror-half in the shape of a hand. At the center of the design is an intense bright light, the sun, representing purity, passion and creativity.

I used gold, yellow-gold and an earth-toned brown to convey the essence, not just of excellence, but of excellence at its most basic, natural level - almost down to the elemental, the raw materials of craftsmanship and creation.

Bound together as elements in this design, the message I aspire to convey is the highest possible tribute to those who have achieved excellence through ingenuity, creativity, passion and the dedicated adherence to a rich and meaningful heritage that is handcrafting and working with handicrafts.