Crafting Excellence

Competition Details


by Dodjie Buncab


There is purity, and a kindred affinity between poetry and the craftsman’s endeavors. Whether solely by hand or with the help of high precision tools, he aspires to create something of value, not just in the material and practical sense, but merged with the aesthetics rhyme, rhythm and harmony.

Distilled down to its very essence, the “Award of Excellence for Handicrafts” recognizes the creator and the creation.

The design “Hand-Woven” is an attempt to honor both, portraying the creator/s and the creation as an interwoven and inseparable entity. The design portrays a tapestry, or an artifact of the highest skill, passion, dedication and adherence to the rich lineage that is the heart of craftsmanship.

The use of gold against a null background epitomizes the achievements that this award has come to represent.