Crafting Excellence

Competition Details

Award of Excellence for Handicrafts

by suang
Co-authors: Lau Shiau Suang, Chin Mei Lin


The main idea of my design is the eye and the letters “H” and “C” that represents the word handicrafts. I choose eye because, it represents vision and passions. I had chose the circle element for my design because it represents time, where the handicrafts artist had sacrificed their precious time for the sake of creating handicrafts. Circle represents time because, majority of the clock are circles in shape. Therefore, this logo is a combination of vision, passion and patient for handicrafts. Besides that, I had followed the trend 2010 for logo, which is the Parts trend.This trend give insight into the comment "one of something ugly is ugly, but many of something ugly is beautiful." Take any one of these ugly things—or, in this case, the iconic representation of your parts—and assemble these into an ideal construction. It’s an element in which many parts come together to create a common goal. The element that parts together in my logo is circle. From a distance, the image is the larger whole. But on closer inspection the image is revealed to be an amalgam of molecular images. The font that I choose is Myriad, which is a type of sans-serif font that is still readable even though we scale it to a smaller size. Other than that, I used only one color, which is green but in different tone, because I do not want to make this logo too fancy (this is an award’s logo, therefore it should be formal).