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Award of Excellence for Handicrafts - Buttons

by Cara Emery


When I think of handicrafts from Southeast, Central, South & East Asia, Western Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean I link them to the word ‘multicultural’.

After brainstorming I decided to create my logo out of buttons because they are a strong symbol associated with handicrafts. They would be interesting to play around with and create a logo with meaning.

The three buttons are in earthy colours to fit in with their origin. There are reasons for each button being slightly different. Each person is different in his or her own way but we can still come together and unite. The first button has a strand of thread at the top symbolising new beginnings. The middle button has the thread crossed and to me this is a strong form. It shows joining together, strength and linking together different skills. The last button can be seen as a smile, which would reflect on sustainable livelihoods and the feeling of making something from their heart.

Tradition, innovation and sustainability – summed up in three buttons.