Crafting Excellence

Competition Details

Symbol of Excellence

by jaydev babariya
Co-authors: Namrata Babariya


(1) Hand Mudra: Symbol of excellence represented by hand mudra. This mudra also represents entire handicraft community and artisans. The first finger and thumb together represents the art of handicraft, the detailed work, the perfect work. This Mudra represents the class apart or Excellency.

(2) Circle: Circle represents the whole universe without any boundaries.

(3) Text : The text “Award of Excellence for Handicraft” written in calligraphy font to represent the artistic value of award

Colour Scheme

Logo is designed using three colours

•Black: Elegance, sophistication, formality, power, strength, these are all characteristics of award which are represented by black colour.

•Gray: Gray colour represents the conservatism, traditionalism these represents the characteristics of handicraft community.

•Blue: Blue represents the wide reach and the universe


This logo will be all media friendly; it is perfect for print, web, video format and can be used easily.