Crafting Excellence

Competition Details

artisan or craftsman

by Lisi Sutil

In this logo I want to express the changing spirit of man, the artist within each person.
The brown color reminiscent of the earth, earthly, to the rational, reason that every artist has consciously or unconsciously to create something.
The green color evokes the natural, the forces of nature, the power of imagination to invent forms, colors, flavors ...
These two concepts together we can reach any border away from racial, ethnic, economic, joined by the pleasure of seeing something unique and beautiful, something able to pass the coldest heart.
The font consists of three types. The first "AWARDS" is capitalized intensifying its meaning, a major prize for creativity and uniqueness of art is not lost between production runs, so that towns and people who create beautiful and unique things do not think that what they do not important. The second "excellence" is lowercase and green, to understand that what was good what nature provides us with the tradition and experience. And the third word "handicrafts" in brown, with a calligraphic font, reminiscent of the art, the hand of each craftsman or artisan, the only detail that each artist.