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Award of Excellence for Handicrafts

by roma rupani

Handicraft highly reflects the influence of The Indus Valley Civilization Period, Greek Civilization Period, Vedic Age, State Empire and sculpture period and so on....

During The Indus Civilization people worshiped the elemental shape like circle of stones and seals. From here i got basic shape circle.

Vedic age - Sun Is the third great God of Vedas, Sun is the son of wise man and vision of mother Goddess. Sun is the soul of the world. Over here i compare sun with handicraft were artisians are wise man to use their vision and Handicraft is the soul of the world.

Round shape of Sun influenced Greek Civilization by using round shape on back side of feminine sculpture further Buddhisim had this round shape on back side of every sculpture. So like Sun, round shape is the light that has always existed the being that resides forever in Handicraft.

During Sculpture and Empire State Period various materials were used like copper, stone, clay and wood. Therefore i have choose brown shade as my basic colour for logo.

This is how tradition is observed in my logo as it is
infuenced from many civilizations and stayed same.

As circle shape is always held continously at a certain level of handicraft, held at certain pitch which is Handicraft product, and therefore my logo is aso sustainable.

This is how i came up with an idea of my logo of round shape, where i used circles and lines as rays very innovatively.