Crafting Excellence

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Award of Excellence for Handicrafts

by Neelima Jaggia

Till a long time all of the cutlery in the world was handcrafted. Unlike much of handicraft products available, handmade cutlery is very special. It not only has to look beautiful, it needs to be very precise while eating. Out of many skilled metal smiths in a world are skilled enough to make cutlery. Out of these few, only very few can make precise and beautiful cutlery, This gets to what the Award of Excellence for Handicrafts stands for - rewarding excellence in craftsmanship. This is what i have translated in my design.

The logo represents the excellence of the handcrafted products that serve us everyday, both with their beauty and functionality. The hand represents that of the master crafts person who qualify to make precise and beautiful cutlery . The color black is used to represent old age tradition of craft , the design of the folk is modern, showing innovation in craft, which will ensure its sustainability and growth. Sustainability is also emphasized with the The green color and an arrow.