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Hands weaving 'in-out' the heartful balance

by Manish Desai

Craft producers contextually have always been known for ingenuity when they have been performing with love. Producing crafts is their very love. Love is an 'In-Out' approach. 'In-Out' makes everything genuine and made in love; and this only can make crafts producers earn respect in any changing times.

In today's multilayered contexts, craft producers need love to weave in tradition, innovation and sustainability. The Logo has three hands which signifies diverse inputs with human touch and they balance the love through 1 - tradition (red is also represented for heart - passion here and the red as pause without other two hands). 2 - The other hands are orange (innovation - slowly building up) and 3 - green (offering all-round sustainabilty). The three colours are again needed for balanced traffic flow. The Logo reinforces that again this approach is 'In-Out' Process. Craftsmen and their heart remains the core.

The red horizontal lines can scatter in a weave with winds of today's climatic changes and orange and green vertical lines thus provide the needed reinforcement which are subtly added in flow lines in the logo. Again the heart is the 'In' of all these flow lines and all together the logo speaks of hands weaving 'in-out' the heartful balance.