Crafting Excellence

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by Paul Mutale Chongo
Co-authors: peter Chongo and Paul Chongo

Handicrafts are a part of every community`s cultural practice worldwide.

the logo reflects the support of different handicrafts skills and creative
practice by hand and maintains its identity and uniqueness.

It plays a role in creating opportunities for industrial competitiveness.

Globally, the largest population that preserves the practice of sustainable production methods is in the rural areas.

The environmental is conserved in the long run though best production practices.

Handmade crafts employ people in developing and developed countries globally.

The hand shape in the logo can be made from fine clay cast in a moud and represents skills by hand

which the crafts sector worldwide dominates. crafts are always made humans and the hand is the channel

which is the tool use to present the skills and products that are found in different places around the world.

through experiments, natural materials help us discover new frontiers and new production methods.

The weaved reeds- also cast in a maud, represents all natural materials used in the production of crafts across the world

and natural materials being the best option in the production of prototypes

and used in experiments that result in final products in industrial design product design etc.

Experiments can be encouraged in order to explore materials to discover new materials

and existing materials to compete with industrial made products.

the environment is conserved through mass use of natural materials in production of crafts.

the Logo as a whole highlights the height to which Handicrafts should be lifted globally.And that is,

to a height that will restore the value of crafts and respect that they deserve to have.

Through training of crafts producers, more projects can open up in rural areas and for promotion of

hand skills using natural materials to create products that can compete on the level of sustainable use of materials and methods of production.