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"Award of Excellence for Handicrafts" as a contemporary logo by Claudia Dallwitz

by Claudi
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Award of Excellence for Handicrafts, those words reminds me on something precious, made with soul and natural perfection.

So I wanted to find a logo that is simple, but exquisite and brilliant at the same time. That would hit the Zeitgeist of today. Therefore I decided to create a typographic icon.

I used a font with serifs to characterize the handicrafts, because they stand for old and grounded handcraft, exactness and quality. In comparison to that I used a grotesque font for the award. The font I used looks modern and noble, because of its delicate long lines and straightness – perfect to characterize “Award of Excellence”.

The enlarged “H”, taken out of Handicrafts, has the function of an Eye catcher and makes the logo catchy. I created a swinging line to underline the logo and its content. This curve symbolizes the energy of handcrafts to form delicate expressions out of natural raw materials.

At the end I chose metallic colours, like silver, gold and oxidized copper to emphasise the feeling of value and prestige, as well as well known old handcrafts. I also used cream as one colour way to remind on the romance, nostalgia and sustainability of good old hand made products.

This logo combines modernity and vintage to create a contemporary impression of handicrafts.