Crafting Excellence

Competition Details


by Christopher Patten

The design of this logo is rooted in the symbiotic relationship between plant and animal species. Leaves of many plants provide nesting and food sources for birds, moths, butterflies, and countless other species. It is this type of relationship, I believe, that the Award of Excellence for Handicrafts is striving to foster: to nurture the tradition of craft in a manner that interacts with and respects nature.

In this graphic, a bowl is being sewn together from the leaves of a local plant species.
The leaves are serving two purposes: 1) providing a nesting source for the butterfly and; 2) providing shelter for the bird. A bowl has been created with nature’s product, and in the same way a bird and butterfly utilize the leaves for their own purpose. The leaves themselves have become interconnected with each other by thread, emphasizing the dependency in nature of one life form on another. Green has been chosen as a color that represents innovation, while grey is used to represent tradition and stability. The font Helvetica has been chosen to represent time-tested clarity, while the word “excellence” is printed in green to emphasize the quality the Award of Excellence strives to promote.

Sustainability is often misinterpreted as simply recycling or buying organic food. The Award of Excellence for Handicrafts recognizes a truly sustainable product that honors tradition yet crafts a product in a way that cleverly mimics the delicate cycle of nature.