Crafting Excellence

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The Way Forward

by Shreya Sarda

All the world is after all a globe, and all humanity answers its quest for life by responding to the environment around. Most of the handicrafts, as I have witnessed in India and also abroad, is an asnwer to such a quest. At the same time, it also objectifies and translates creativity in mind to tangible objects of livelihood. In other cases, it is an answer to a human condition and sometimes it is just a simple appreciation of beauty that has been realised though action. The natural resources are translated into objects by use of human hands. The tools come to life and thus begins the creation cycle. This attribute brings people close to the overall ecology of the place in terms of both economic as well as environmental sustainability.
The kind of handicrafts created across the globe are very distinctive. When I envision the concept of handicrafts in isolation, from one place to the other, the various characteristics and intricacies from a local place to the other come to light. All these unify when looked upon from a distance, and the idea of use of hands and crude methodologies bringing about the finest outputs, is revealed.
The symbol of a hand shows the basis of any HANDICRAFT. The swirl inside the palm shows movement which extends itself to pave way for the ultimate creation. The idea of sustainability (as a cyclic process) is also brought about by the swirl which is contained within the hand. The limitless possibilities of innovation are extended as the line moves forward.
The color scheme used is earthy, keeping in mind the nature of the excellence awards. This symbol is conducive to web as well as print. It can be printed or extruded in various stationery. At the same time its simple character and bold form makes it viable for use in metal, weave, pottery etc. It can be made in various colors (example: earth for pottery, green for fabric, blue for knit, red for metals, so on and so forth). Thus, the same symbol can be put in use in different colors show-casing theme of each aspect of handicrafts.The typography used is simple and international in character. This can be used without the typography also.
As it goes well: All the handicrafts is an expression of the human feeling realised by the use of hands creatively.