Crafting Excellence

Competition Details


by Lina Ahmed

Main concept:
the idea was driven from the human's fingerprint concept, as it is directly related to the logo supject(handicrafts) beside the hugh similarity between handicrafts products and fingerprints.
all humans have similarities ,but their fingerprints are the special evidence for each one's uniqueness, crafted products are also like this,its impossible to find typical crafted products even if they were created by the same person! because every moment of creation has its own mental and physical presentation.
1-aplyying innovation value:
this value is applyed through confirming that each handicrafted product is SOLE,UNIQUE,PRECIOUS AND CREATIVE as fingersprints are too.
further more crafted products identify to his/her creator's location,culture and time! as fingerprints identify their owners.
2-sustainability and continuity:
distracted lines on real fingerprints were replaced by CONTINOUS endless lines to indicate for continusity of handicrafts through history of man's presence and its sustainability for the future.
the logo created with simple,freehand,organic lines with smooth edges to give the impression of originality of non industrialized products. and to be easy to draw by anyone and any sort of traditional drafting tools.
4-used colours
most of them are pale and quiet to symbolize the natural,earthy and sustainable materials and tools that used to create handcraft products.
-green for sustainability.
-blue,red,pink,yellow : for natural materials
-brown:for earth and traditional tools.
-all backgrounds are white to indicate the pureness of handicrafts souls(most i met them were smiling though they are living a hard life!!).
5-the fingerprint project:
this shape is simple....but it looks different everytime it drawn by a different hand. so it can symbolize a fingerprint of handicraft product for everyone who draw it,so we can support handicrafts continuity by asking all members of sociaty to add their fingerprint to the world of handicraft and support a handcrafter!