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The Perfect Circle

by Pradeep Kaniyadi

This logo that I have designed for UNESCO's Award of Excellence for Handicrafts program is a simple depiction of a pot on a traditional (Indian) hand driven potter's wheel - the two circles in the middle forming the pot, the golden five pointed star act like the spokes of the potter's wheel, with the text conforming to another circle forming the rim of the wheel.

As early as Aristotle, people found perfection in the circle and the sphere. The 16th-century architect, Andrea Palladio, held that "the most perfect and most excellent" form was "the round form, since of all forms it is the simplest, the most uniform, the strongest, the most capacious" and "is the most suitable for rendering the unity, infinity, uniformity and righteousness of God."

And the star is a universal symbol that is used to indicate a category of excellence. Today, it has become the most accepted symbol of ranking/rating.

Integrating the star and the circle in this unique representation succeeds in bringing out the essence of the program. Any handicraft product carrying this 'star with two circles' label/sticker will point out to the customer that it is a product that demonstrates high level of craftsmanship and is recognized by UNESCO's Award of Excellence for Handicrafts program.

Note: Though I have used the hand driven potter’s wheel as the basis of the design, I believe, the logo doesn’t carry any particular reference to India. I have included a variation without the surrounding text that makes it look more like a standard rotating potter’s wheel, and, even better, with a hint of sustainability.