Crafting Excellence

Competition Details

crafts, union of different hands

by Elwin Gorman

I wanted to symbolize in this logo design, at the same time, uniqueness, perfection, excellence also using the circle, that represent the handiwork.

The waves represent the hands, the work of the shape and original material to get a work of high value, detail, subtlety and quality.

Moreover, the composition intended to provide the idea of connection, to describe the craft as a union between cultures around the world.

The colors chosen, have a intentional sense:

Green represents life, are the hands of the world not by the color of their skin but by their spirit.

And the dark gray wants to represent the material, apart from the type, be it wood, metal, textiles, stone, ... It focuses on the qualities of each.

Finally, a inverse interpretation, from the inside to out, not only aims to show that the artisan works the material to reach its final work, but such work also gives something back to the craftsman:

"The book provides great value to the artisan"