Crafting Excellence

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We Are All One Nation

by Craig Feinberg

In a world that has many faces, many cultures, and many traditions we are all one nation. As technology is evolving
hand craft precision is at a high point. Working with the hands and experiencing the long hours of production is
a sort of mediation and becomes pure; one of a kind. In the first logo concept my vision was to combine four rectangles in a pattern to symbolizes a woven stitch.
The brown color represents the earth, the red color symbolizes human blood, and the orange color symbolizes energy and creativity. In the second logo concept my vision was to take the first letters "A", "E", and "H" of "Award of Excellence for Handicrafts" and create a sort of structure that symbols peace and hard-working. We are all one nation and everyday we try to become better human-beings through the art of creating with our hands.