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Judging Feedback

The jury have made their deliberations and we are pleased to announce our winners. We received 658 top notch entries from 435 entrants in 80 countries, and thank all the entrants for taking part and contributing to an array of exciting game concepts. DESIGN 21 and UNESCO also thank D21 Advisory Board members Marcella Echavarria and Indrasen Vencatachellum for lending their time and expertise to reviewing the entries, selecting finalists and their individual Judge's Picks.

First Place

hand creativity by Anna Trzebska (Poland) was selected by UNESCO as the winning design.

Explaining their selection, UNESCO had this to say: The reference to colours evokes the dynamism in the use of the chromatic circle. The reference to the UN blue associated to the handprint (ambidextrous) to materials and know-how are strong reminders that we can achieve excellence.

Anna said this about her entry: In ancient times handicraft was the first and basic effect of human creation. Somehow now we seem to forget how it is to create things by hands not getting them by money and machines. Industrialized and mass production kill our creative spirit. It's so easy to forget how to do things and to appreciate others work. We have so much but so less we are able to make by our own hands if we forget out tradition and skills. That's why the UNESCO program is so very important both from social and psychological aspect. Buying the handicraft product you get a piece of creators mind in it, not only a shiny shell made by machine. Handicraft products are "touched by the hand". That's why I decided to choose a simple hand for promoting the Excellence in Handicrafts. I'm honored to take a part in the UNESCO campaign thanks to DESIGN 21 knowing this program will lead us one step further in improving our life.

Judge's Pick

colored lines by Marilena Florio (Italy) was selected by Marcella Echavarria as his Judge's Pick.

Marcella chose this entry because: It is simple, refined, and expresses the hand in a non-cliche manner. I like the colors and i think it has great potential for different applications on paper, fabric, online and video. This logo is simple, sharp and clear.

Marilena said this about her entry: the hands are an extension of our brain and our heart, they translate our thoughts, dreams, visions become reality the hands as a unesco world heritage. with "colored lines" I wanted to represent the invisible power inside handicrafts creations. the white space has a lot of power to balance the lines and at the same time we can see the invisible hand

the lines that go to the sky in different directions means differents kinds of applications, differents roads...

Judge's Pick

AOEFC LOGO by Nikou Alexandros (Greece) was selected by Indrasen Vencatachellum as his Judge's Pick.

Indrasen had this to say about his choice: I like the simplicity of the design, the use of the circle reflecting the universal scope of the Award and the symbolic representation of hand perfection.

Nikou said this about his entry: The skills and the patience of handicrafts producers are things to admire and to find recognition. I think they should receive all the support the deserve and I hope that design will help to make the Award even more special.

Most Popular

Universal beads by Albert Hardiman Tejasukmana (Indonesia) was selected as the most popular entry by you - the members of DESIGN 21.

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The DESIGN 21 series challenges designers of all disciplines to find solutions to social and global issues. It’s guided by UNESCO’s premise that education, science, technology, culture and communication are tools to spread knowledge and information, build awareness and foster dialogue.

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