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Project Z.E.U.S.

by Seth Smith



Project Z.E.U.S. is an ecological and sociological action adventure and simulation game.

The goal of Project Z.E.U.S. is to create an environment conscious experience where the player must teach humanity to mutually coexist with nature.


The player plays as the sentient android Z.E.U.S., a Zoological Environmental Utility System. Zeus was programmed to find and release humanity and all other natural life after 30,000 years of cryogenic stasis. By then, the Earth’s warped surface was predicted to once again be habitable. Unexpectedly, mutated life forms appear, and start consuming all the resources necessary for the non-mutated life forms. Zeus calculates that he must rehabilitate humanity and all other natural organisms now, if they are to have a chance for survival against the rapidly growing number of mutated species.


Restore polluted natural resources to rehabilitate plants and other forms of natural life.

Mankind mimics how Zeus interacts with the environment. If Zeus uses technology to rehabilitate plant life so will mankind.

Explore a controlled sandbox environment that simulates how one element can affect an entire ecosystem.

Upgrade Zeus’s abilities to rehabilitate natural life and/or exterminate mutated life.

Gather resources and information about Zeus, Earth, and/or Earth’s species.