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Dream All The Way To The Top

by Seth Smith


Dream All The Way To The Top is a 2d side-scrolling adventure game.
The purpose of Dream All The way to the Top is to create a simulated social experience to show the impact on people around them if they take the time to listen.

The player plays as an individual who is trying to achieve his/her dream. Along the way he/she
encounters the loner, who has dream, but refuses help to take help from others to make it to the top;
the taker, who has a dream but will is too lazy to move up alone so he will move forward if some one
carries him, and he will drain your dream as you move him; and the Giver who has a dream of helping
others and will try to help everyone move realize their dreams even if it cost him his own dream.
Your goal is to balance listening to the needs and wants of these three people and help them realize their dreams while realizing your own.


Interact with characters by carrying them to new heights, sharing your dream with them, or asking them to carrying you.
Characters each have different personalities and will change to either be more like you or other characters
based on how you interact with them.
Listening to another character allows you to see the world from their perspective and collect the pieces
they need for their dream to grow.
Your dream grows larger and harder to move by yourself as you get to the top. Balance sharing your dream
with others and putting it on hold to help those behind you in order to help everyone realize their dream.