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A Little's Enough (Supporting Haiti)

by Kellie O'Hara
Co-authors: Bjorn Borgonia,

The goal of this project is to inform people about the Haiti Earthquake crisis through an interactive online game.

At the start of the game, the participant is placed in the middle of post-earthquake Haiti. With an overwhelming number of people to help and many realistic obstacles to overcome, the user must manage their time and funds and provide assistance to as many Haiti citizens as possible.

The game ends when relief has been provided to 2000 people. The real-life result of completing the game is that $1 will be donated to a Haiti-supportive organization of the player’s choice.

Our goal: By saving people in a game, you will help save someone in real life.

Our intention is to distribute this project online with as much support possible, in order to allow people worldwide to play the game, and in turn play a small part in helping humanity.

This game is designed to inform, rather than entertain. The maladies faced are realistic, and the limitations placed on the player are meant to be challenging obstacles that like in real life, are not always easy to overcome.

This game is currently being produced as a non-profit venture by the authors of this submission and should be complete by the summer. Any monies awarded from contest submissions as well as any additional support will contribute to starting the pool of funds that will be used as donation money for those that complete the game.

Game Details:

Obstacles: sickness, injury, homelessness, malnutrition, contamination, infection, natural disasters, looting and violence (at unmonitored supply drops), lack of supplies, lack of funds, lack of time.

Tools available: funding, shelters, medical stations, supply drops (food, water, medicine, first aid), water bladders, buildings, nurses, doctors, police officers.

Intermittently throughout game play, highlights of events and facts from the Haiti crisis that relate to events in the game will be shown on screen.

One of the key goals in the game is to build sustainable structures. This parallels a real world dilemma: Once temporary relief has been given, is there enough time and are there enough resources to create a sustainable community?

While in most games “winning” results in ephemeral trophies, we are creating a game that has tangible consequences that extend to a universal win for the humanity.