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Drug Games

by Brandon Gamm

Much like the “War on Terror,” the “War on Drugs” is an endless war against an idea. Ideas are mutable and amorphous entities that cannot be conquered or destroyed.

This 2-player board game is a rhetorical argument against current US policies for combating drug abuse. It is a blatant call for legalization over criminalization.

The government player uses largely ineffective law enforcement and treatment pawns to stem the addiction brought on by the cartel player’s ever-increasing drug pushing. The government player’s only hope is to legalize the cartel’s drugs, removing the profit margins that make illegal drug trade so attractive.

Gameplay has the cartel player sending their drugs down trafficking routes, evading law enforcement pawns, and selling them in the cities, which gets them more money to make more drugs and sell them more effectively. The government player's job is to stop as many shipments as possible and raise their approval rating. Each time the approval rating is raised, an event card is drawn, with a historically-based 'event' that affects both players.