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College Hustle

by Sarah Panning
Co-authors: Brianna, Jesse, Greta, Sarah

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be a poor college student? In the game “College Hustle”, each player takes on the role of becoming a student in dire need to pay off the college needs in the game. These days, most college students are put in a situation where they have to have to pay tuition and other basic needs that help put them through college.
The object of the game is to avoid unexpected events such as going broke while trying to work in order to gain money to pay off their expenses. For the people who are playing, all but nine are college students, who run to each category answering questions in order to earn money. After they have made enough money the player the takes their money to the center of the field where the Chancellor will be waiting to collect the money that the player earned. Meeting the Chancellor and giving him the money represents graduation. Meanwhile, there are players throwing 4 colored balls, 3 unexpected events and 1 bankruptcy that try to take your money away by throwing them at the players. If you earn all your money while avoid the unexpected events, and make it to the Chancellor all with in five minutes you win the game.