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by Tyler Haas
Co-authors: Kaitlyn Bilderback, Leah Monson, Adam Vreeke, Nicole McIntyre

Score! is an outdoor ball-toss game that aims to give players a better understanding of a growing concern: teen pregnancy. Players advance through four rounds, representing the four years of high school, while trying to score the most points by the end. How to earn these points is up to the player. Do you remain abstinent, quietly gaining points? Or do you take the riskier approach, throwing and catching balls across the open field in an attempt to "score" some extra points (Keep in mind, it only takes one miscalculated toss to leave you "pregnant" and out of the game!) The game play in Score! represents the sexual choices teens must make and the permanent consequences that can result from careless behavior. All game contents are re-usable and produce no waste.