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Every Little Bit

by V Krukonis
Co-authors: Thomas Victor, Thomas Pendleton

Every day people waste food, water & money, along with other things that we take for granted. In some places around the world, such commodities are non-existent. ‘Every Little Bit’ is an online, interactive game community. It is meant to teach kids about sustainability through weekly tasks and mini games. Subjects covered for example are, how to use less & save more and how small actions can go a long way.

‘Every Little Bit’ allows families sign up each child in their family and at the start of every week they have access to a list of one to a few tasks that is sent to each family profile. The tasks can range from simple ideas, i.e.- turning off lights when exiting rooms, conserving water bottles, not wasting water; to more engaging ideas, such as neighborhood/city-wide group tasks, picking up trash around the neighborhood, or taking care of chores with siblings. The goal is for children, along with their parents, to try and complete each task given within the week. Kids are able to play online mini games based on each task given. These mini games include points, high scores, achievements, etc. They are ultimately a learning tool; doing something in game would help a child understand how to complete the same task in real life.

The ‘Every Little Bit’ online community includes stats for each task completed, task history, stats for each mini game, graph & chart tracking, ratings between county’s, individual profiles, forums and etc. This allows families to look back on what they have done to see how well they did, how their town/county rates against other town/counties throughout the nation, and how they can change and complete some of the challenges.

The online community can also be a tool to team up with local businesses and government. Businesses around the city can offer incentives and rewards for families achieving milestones or continuously performing tasks. Local government can acknowledge families or cities for their continuous contributions via tasks completed. Recognition would be given to families that went above and beyond the call of duty to help make a difference, no matter how big or small.

With ‘Every Little Bit’, we’re trying to teach children at a young age that they have the power to make a difference. Making children aware is the first step to change for their generation and many generations to come.