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Morg's Adventures

by Fernanda Rodrigues
Co-authors: Alexandre Nacari, Danilo Balzaque, Pedro Cavalca

Morg`s adventures is about a boy who, lost in an unknown world, try to help civilizations to solve their problems. Eventually, he realizes that the problems are interconnected and that their solutions alone does not bring harmony to the world.

This becomes visible to the player by the mechanical set up: the player faces a map containing 3 games, and have to find a specific order to conclude them, since each problem has direct influence on the outcome of the next.

In game A, the civilization causes deforestation to get their food, so trash and all the logs go right to the waterfall, affecting game B. Game C is also affected by all this trash that, if not cleaned, goes straight to the river.

The villains are the problems themselves: Morg will face hardships such as hunger, deforestation, pollution, pests, diseases, and other, and will have to deal with all this, stimulating new habits to promote sustainability, harmony and global partnership.