Game Changers

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Emotion strategy

by Mirjana Lolic

We live in a world of madness. We need a game for the entertainment which we learned to overcome divisions among ourselves and we learned to respect other people's emotions. We need a game that will force us to think positively and to fight all around us be positive.
Short guide
Game for 2,3 or 6 players.
6 Emoti-tiles with diferent colors- 2, 3 or 6 players
60 tiles with emotions for play, 60 Emoti- cheep
Emoti-cube, 12 question cards
Each player have one, two or three Emoti-tiles (6,3 or 2 players). 60 tiles are using like puzzle- you can try to comply emotions on end of corners. Emoti-cube can be used 3 time for each player and there are questions or emotions you can win. If you correctly answer you can have one, two or tree cheeps which can bring you victory. If you have angry one it can be removed with one smile from cheep. The goal is that every negative emotion can be removed with positive- smile and love. The winer is person who have most positive smiles cheep.
Have fun!