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The Fab Life

by Lisa Caldeen
Co-authors: Alison Welhouse, David Smith, Brittni Weston, Dustin Lumsden

In our Design Theory & Methods (DES 200) course at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, we were assigned a project for which we had to create a board game, including all aspects such as theme, rules, and physical aspects. These board games were required to touch on an issue that we, the students, thought apparent in our society. After many ideations, we designed the game “The Fab Life”. This game focused on the attention we give to celebrities, the outrageous ways they use their fame, and how it can potentially hurt our youth as they look up to these societal icons.

“The Fab Life” features a city consisting of the services that celebrities use to capacitate their eccentric lifestyles. Satirical player cards were incorporated to showcase their erratic tendencies. Another unique aspect to this game is the addition of photographers that players can use to sabotage other player’s celebrities. This serves to create an ever-present worry of press relations.

During the design process we discovered several challenges associated with modern culture. One such challenge dealt with the outlook of issues from conflicting perspectives. Other challenges included accurately capturing the many aspects to a celebrity’s life, while satirically presenting it to fulfill the mission of our game. We also used polyurethane and other recycled materials

Overall this project was a very informative experience, building upon skills such as group collaboration, problem solving, and understanding of visual aesthetics. This was a beneficial project, and it would be nice to participate in similar contests in the future.