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G.U.I.L.D (Generation of United Individuals for Local Development)

by Arthur Augerot
Co-authors: Nikhil Nair

We are students of a design school in Pune, India. The duo of a Game & Product Design student such as ourselves helped us think in a broader perspective.

Our game mainly revolves around the concept of the gamers’ belief. Why exactly is a gamer hooked to playing games? Players find themselves to be more useful in these virtual worlds than in real life. Their motivation and determination to complete their quest springs from the simple fact that they are rewarded and hence achieve more in terms of self-esteem. Online gamers collaborate with one and other to complete quests and every player tries to be the best he can be, to be the savior of the day. Gamers believe that they are individually capable of saving the world. But it’s not the real world they are saving.

The main theme behind our game is idea of putting players in the midst of real world crisis taking place in the future. The very fact that the player is entrusted with the mission to save the world, which is not just any world, but our own world in a future that seems possible and hence believable. Basically what we have tried to create in the player is the need to address these problems in the game and help solve them and in doing so will improve their way of living in the real world to create a brighter future.

Looking at the world today we realized that the only way to stop this potential threat is to create the game targeted at the younger generations. Our game aims at nurturing them to think and act in ways that help people, create a wide network and in doing so help the community around them.

The game poses questions that force the player to get out, explore and interact with his surrounding which helps them in the long run to becoming better and more resourceful human beings. The player learns from in-game experiences and actually replicates it in the real world.

The missions doled out would be age specific and hence the player never feels like the task at hand is impossible to accomplish. But, the level of challenges are set to keep the player working towards his goal. This is facilitated by the players drive to “level up” and finally reach that “Epic Win” moment.