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Foodzie Go!

by Norman Tran
Co-authors: Christina Tran, Cindy Chang, Angela Pan

The Foodzie creatures are eating bad foods and living sedentary lives! Earthlings are tasked to nurture Foodzies back to health by managing daily food and fitness choices. Players must cultivate healthier habits for their adopted Foodzies—and in their own lives. Foodzie Go! will help people think about their food and fitness choices as they navigate today's terrain of unhealthy temptations and subsequent health risks, such as obesity and diabetes.

Daily single player gameplay is inspired by Facebook games such as Farmville and pet games like Neopets. Each adopted Foodzie has been born with varying degrees of: Health, Willpower, and Happiness. Players must balance these stats while helping their Foodzie creatures reach Health goals. Each day the player assigns the Foodzie three meals which will have effects on Health. Foodzies with low Willpower, however, may initially reject healthier foods. Fast food alternatives may appease the Foodzie until he gets used to a gradually healthier diet. Players also determine Foodzies' fitness regimen. Players are presented physical activity options from cartwheels to soccer that have effects on the Foodzie's Health and Happiness. Each has a 'cool-down' period before the player can assign more activities. The player must choose activities to maximize positive effects in an efficient timeframe.

The second game-play segment of Foodzie Go! is a social challenge system that takes the place of monetization models in other Facebook games. Since the player's daily Foodzie actions are limited, the real-life challenges allow players to win in-game items by creating food and fitness challenges for their friends. Challenges can range in complexity and creativity: eat fruit every day for 15 days; cook this vegetarian recipe within the next 3 days; train for and complete a 10k run; avoid fast food for a month. Players submit blog posts and photos to document their challenge activities to the game's community. Completed challenge submissions are approved by the community through an incentivized voting system. Once approved, all the players who created or completed the challenge can show off their accomplishments to their respective Foodzie creatures. Their Foodzies now have fun new foods and activities in their repertoire. Facebook will also automatically share these accomplishments via wall posts.

The game empowers players to start creating healthier food and fitness habits in their own lives while enabling them to spread the challenge to their friends and family through the social power of Facebook.