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WHAT can you DO?

by Maciej Szylke

So you have an apple.
And you wonder: what can be done with it?
A jam! - says your friend.
That's a good point. That's his point!
This is how this simple game begins.

At the start of the game the shortest player takes some thing. It's up to him if it is a fruit or anything else but it's good to start with simple and natural things.

The task for the next player is to say what could we do with this thing (our "apple").
If he can do this, we add one point and go forward to the next player.
If he can't, he says "garbage!", which means that he claims that there is nothing to do with this thing and we can only throw it away.

This is how this simple game developes our minds to invent new connections and new applications of things.

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