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New Kid in School

by Krista Farrell
Co-authors: Natalie Keeley, Elizabeth Volk, Lorrie Von Ende, Hannah Ford


Remember in high school when everyone was just trying to fit in? Maybe you were the “floater” or the outsider. Maybe you were even the new kid. Most likely, no matter where you found your niche, you experienced cliques. This game represents a real problem that affects every person’s life. By playing this game, it is anticipated that people become more open-minded about the people they are surrounded with at school, work, in clubs, or in other everyday situations.
Lunch hour starts when you enter the cafeteria. In this game, you are in the position of the new kid in school. As the new kid, you do not know anyone. Every table seems to have a set elite group of people that surround it. You are left wondering….Where do I fit in?
The objective of the game is to make a friend from each of the twelve cliques: Drama Club, Mathletes, Jocks, Goody-Goods, Science Whizzes, Bullies, Preps, Punks, Band Members, Hippies, Artistic Kids, and the Loner. To win, you must have gained eleven friends and either be the first person to befriend the Loner or, after trying to gain the Loner’s friendship three times without succeeding, be the first player to arrive at the New Kids Table.
Sustainability is very important to our group. All of our clique cards are made from recycled paper. We spent a lot of time checking, and re-checking everything before we printed to ensure we would not have to waste paper, ink, and energy. We also designed all of our graphics using low-impact methods. This approach decreases the amount of ink needed. Our game is lightweight and packs well to ensure better shipping.
“New Kid in School” is a great game for people of all ages. Elementary school children will enjoy this game as well as adults. Players will enjoy performing actions or answering questions to gain the friendship of specific groups.
Through playing this game, individuals will gain empathy for diverse groups of people. They will gain an understanding of the issues caused by cliques and the problems they pose in society. Enjoy making new friends!