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by Jodi Larson
Co-authors: Apiwat Anuntrachartwong, Jodi Larson, Christine Pogatchnik, and Cory Roehl

City, the game in touch with tomorrow

The object of this game is to explore the possibilities of green energy sources as opposed to traditional coal and fossil fuels. In this game one become’s the mayor of their own city producing and utilizing effective green energy sources such as wind, solar, and nuclear. The more green energy one has the less pollution each city will create.
It is important to our group to understand and incorporate alternative energy sources to relieve the pollution problems in many industrial cities today. The effects of pollution can have many negative impacts on the environment and as a result hold a bleak future for the health and prosperity of our planet.
The inspiration behind the game was developed by compiling a list of world known problems with the mindset of provoking new behaviors of change. With this idea in mind we narrowed the problem to effective energy sources to provoke healthy environmental actions.
The creation of theoretical cities using alternative energy sources provided one solution to the crisis of world pollution. By playing this game one can familiarize themselves with the problems and difficulties of managing pollution levels. Unlike traditional games, City provides green solutions.
The overall look was environmentally conscious, incorporating earth tones and images of landscapes. As a means to show reverence to the earth we used minimal ink, recyclable paper, and polycarbonate resin for the game pieces. The game boards are waterproof and guaranteed to last for many years.
Our game is a creative and environmentally friendly experience for people of all ages. It provides and understanding of alternative energy sources which can lower pollution and benefit the earth. The aesthetics of the game are based on elements of the environment. By utilizing environmentally friendly resources we aim to respect the environment ourselves.