Game Changers

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Take one, Pass it on

by Andrew Griesemer
Co-authors: Vince FitzPatrick, Samantha Kaufman, Sarah Coppola, Thea Klein-Mayer, David Whitehead

To design a game that could inspire social change, it is first necessary to define the concepts of games and social change. At first, when thinking of a game, the automatic assumption is that it must be competitive. However, a game simply has to entertain people-like a game of catch. Social change is about improving the world. Small acts of good will and kindness can propagate and grow to have a lasting effect. “Take One, Pass it on” is a game where people pass a rubber band ball to each other and take a rubber band off the ball when they receive it. Each rubber band has simple instructions for the project- take one, pass it on-as well as a specific action. These actions don’t ask the person to change the entire world; they just try to improve the small world around them by picking up a piece of trash, calling an old friend or talking to a stranger. These simple and immediate actions can be accomplished without planning.
The simple act of passing the ball will help tie together strangers, and the action that they perform will bring about positive social change.
The game costs five dollars and requires only one hour to set up. It can be started by everyone.