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Online quiz game with social community.
This game aims at making participants have much interest in social problems as well as solving the problem by donation of advertising corporation.
(Social problems=Ecology, Global warming,Peace,Water,Human rights, etc..)
This game website will be run by NPO.

1.By answering the quiz, you can have the knowledge about social problems, and have interests in them.
2.You can get one Quiz Pt(=point) by answering the quiz rightly 20 times; then you can get one tree on the screen.
3.If you sympathize with the corporation advertising at the banner area, you can click the “Save” button at the Answer Pt. In this way, You can make the advertising corporation donate for solving the social problems.
The advertising corporation should donate the money for solving the social problem at the rate of Quiz Pt/Answer Pt-US$.
4.At the same time, you can also participate in a social community "Quiz forum".
5. By doing so, you can find what kind of problems there are in the society by yourself, because a question by yourself means having an interest on the social problem.
6. You can get one Quiz Pt, if your question is selected by the manager of this game on line. If you want to make the advertising corporation donate, click "save".

How to play:
See "Explanation 1" and "Explanation 2". (uploaded picture files)

About social problem.

Game concept:
See "Design concept" (uploaded picture file)

Screen when you restart to play
See "Restarting the game" (uploaded picture file)