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Pollution Fighter

by Ruttikorn Vuttikorn
Co-authors: Niko Kugler

The living environment of different animals is threatened. Deforestation and air pollution give a hard time to our animal friends. No more jungle, the home of all animals, they needed to migrate from place to place. It's our responsibility to bring these lovely friends back home!

The game starts by each player select one animal they want to save, then design a path to the goal. Secondly, players roll the dice to find out pollution with different levels. Then, everyone has to fight to defeat the pollution by planting trees. The numbers of trees players need to plant is depended on the pollution level showed on the card. After players won over the pollution, they can move their animal closer to the goal.

By planting new trees we actively fight together against the air pollution and for a better environment of the animals. At the end of the game, a beautiful forrest will be created. It is, now, time for our friends to get back home!