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Lazy Launcher

by lazylauncher
Co-authors: Amanda Harder, Rebecca Black, Samantha Pease, Jake Ferge

Have you ever sat down to watch a TV show and then five hours later still found yourself watching mindless TV? Have you ever sat down to work on homework and ended up surfing the net or looking at other peoples lives on Facebook? Have you ever made a weekend to do list and by Sunday night not accomplished anything on it? Laziness isn’t a disease but could be described as an epidemic. It affects all ages and many areas of a person’s life. One could even say that it has contributed to obesity and obesity in children. After filtering through several game ideas we developed the Lazy Launcher. A game that would get kids off the couch and outside. It is a fun interactive game that gets people moving and thinking about fun active activities.

If our game were to be produced we would use a biodegradable corn plastic and recycled products so that it could be as green as possible.

Lazy Launcher Game Rules
Goal of Daily Balance: To promote being active at any age.

4 teams of equal number or less

To begin there will be 4 colored balls placed on the ground near the Launcher. When teams are ready, one person will run down, grab the ball, run back and complete the activity.

The activities include:

Purple – Charades – the player will act out the given activity with out speaking until a fellow team member guesses the right activity

Red – Pictionary – the player will draw out the activity with out speaking until a fellow team member guesses the right activity

Yellow – Word Association – the player will have to describe the activity to their fellow teammates without saying the actual word or a part of the word

After the team guesses the correct answer, the player will bring their ball up to the scoreboard, place it on their designated color section. Then they will run back to their team and then the next player will go.

Once the second member goes they will run down, launch the ball into the air with the Lazy Launcher, catch the ball and run back to their team. This will be repeated until one team fills up their scoreboard.

The balls will be loaded into the Lazy Launcher by a game chaperon so that it is done impartially.