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Kung Fu Disciple

by chunfaitao

The game is called Kung Fu Disciple.
The game is envisage to be a platform based or interactive online game, and it may require additional hardware such as webcam, motion detector chest monitor and heart-rate monitor.
The idea of this game is to encourage people look after their well being through a combination of mental and physical techniques based in East Asian martial arts philosophies. These techniques are conveyed through a series of tasks and challenges presented through a series of on screen prompts.
The game has two aspects, both mental and physical challenges.
The mental challenges are based on relaxation and breathing techniques and requires heart rate monitors and movement sensors to determine the progress of the player.
The mental challenge levels require the player to sit very still, focus on breathing and meditation, on screen prompts will help the player to enter states of calm.
The tasks become more difficult by becoming more distracting requiring the player to be involved staying focussed whilst distractions try to disturb the player’s concentration.
The physical challenges require the user to emulate the on screen Tai Chi poses and movements performed by an online instructor. A webcam will be used to score the players ability to mimic the instructors movements accurately.
The closer the assimilation of the poses the better the score the players achieve.
As the levels progress the Tai Chi techniques become more elaborate and complex. The user can then choose different styles of Kung Fu as he or she masters the differe