Game Changers

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by Tugba Ozbay
Co-authors: Merve Bedir

for the last three decades, due to either several energy crises or decay of the environment, incentives about implementing on ‘environmental sustainability’ have been supported. however, positive results of the improvements in this field have been under serious suspicion. here, one of the crucial points to consider is raising public awareness and the behavioural change that might occur as a consequence. because we think, if any improvement is not favored by the people, it will not last long.
is a scenario-based game stimulating environmental behaviour: each player could act as in their everyday life. the game is based on the real life behavioural patterns and looking for alternative ways. it is designed with the goal of increasing individuals’ consciousness about their impact on the planet earth: the amount of energy and water they consume, the amount of CO2 and waste they produce; the potential of positive contribution through these themes as well as the renewable energy sources.

it is known that behavioural change is not easy. behaviour is a consequence of the socio-economical context of the individual. the desire of the individual to change their behaviour follows a process:

[Please look at image01_text for the diagram]

this process generates the focus of our game: at what stage of behavioural change, a game could come to effect. we think that the players will confront the environmentally conscious behaviour through the game, as if in their daily life, and in what way they could be influential on the environment in a positive way.

the game reaches its audience through diverse methods of communication: it is a computer game to begin with, then it is a desktop widget, and an i-phone application to follow the player’s own score and the other scores among the other players worldwide. Moreover, it provides a medium for the players to communicate with each other, as playing the game, establish their own communities, compare their scores, learn tactics from each other, etc. Further, a webpage for the game allows the players modify the game: as the players develop these extensions or modifications, they upload them, get voted, and if they are accepted, the game could be changed.