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DonorPoly_funny way of donation

by yeoreum Lee

All of us have a right to live happlily. However, several barriers make people to live hard and poor. So, we do donation to help people and to live happily together. Donation is very worthy event but people do not know about donation. For this reason, DonorPoly was born.
DonorPoly stands for donor in donation and -poly. This represents thoughtful donors who have warm mind. DonorPoly helps you to know about process and meaning of donation.
DonorPoly is a board game that you can play at indoor with your friends or your famliy members. The winner of Donorpoly is the most contributed person in game. DonorPoly has information about various donation routes that you can do easily, explanation about social words and introduction of foundations. DonorPoly have 3 different type of cards. Green card means point card, yellow card is donation card and orange card is penalty card. Detail explanation of game is witten in following.

Enjoy your DonorPoly!