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FIX - Control and Conquer the Dark emotions

by Hannah Christopher

If winning is the motive, in any game that I want to win, world and others are definitely behind me. If to win the world is to be sustained, winning means much more, for the world consist of me and others. Sometimes we forget this fact and play a selfish game. But, no mind is all black and always dark. Positive change means clean heart, clear and strong mind. The intention of the game is to self evaluate and control or conquer the dark emotions that either destroy the world or damage self. The target is to team up and establish a green pasture for the world, which includes self.

Type: Board Game
Number of Players: 2-6 Players (Team/Individual Game)
Age: 8+

Game Play: There are 3 sets of counters. Green denotes the positive emotions/characters; Red the negative ones and blue the neutral ones. Each player starts with three counters at hand. At each move, the player can random pick a counter from a sealed bag and place it in the board or move the existing counters on the board. The goal is to eliminate all red counters and finish the board with all green counters.

The team that places the last token to make the board green wins the game; the player who has conquered maximum red tokens is declared the winner; The player with maximum points is declared the ‘Hero’.