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Eco Go Game

by Ruttikorn Vuttikorn
Co-authors: EGCO Group

The temperature is increasing, sea level is rising!! Now, The world is going to sink!!.... BUT it's not too late! You can still fix it by creating sustainable products and usages. While playing, players need to rethink how to use resources in sustainable way, save energy, and release less pollution. Every time players finish their product chain, they can lower the sea level .... But you need to be hurry! it keep rising!

"Eco Go Game" is a combination of board and card game. Players have to walk around the city to collect different cards (for example: material, distribution, and manufacturing) in order to create product chain. The more eco-friendly chain the kids do, the higher score they get.

Because the game is open ended and flexible, players have to solve new problems all the time to come up with the new ideas of green products and sustainable usage. High score can be reached when players can come up with local product idea including different ways of reuse and recycle.