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Milano ciclABILE _ Milan for cyclists

by carolina nisivoccia

Milano CiclAbile_ Milan for cyclists

“the bicycle offers a concrete dimension to the dream of a better world”
says the famous French sociologist Marc Augè, in his latest book “Eloge de la bicyclette”.

What is
Milano CiclABILE is a game but not only: it is a social design project that aims to stimulate and push the use of urban bicycle as one of the best and right ways to Sustainable Mobility.

It’s a board game, playing which everyone can experience what really happens riding a bicycle in the city and develop a socially responsible behaviour.

But it quickly turns in an extended project bordering urban design, interaction and relation design, sociology, city planning with the final aim to increase the use of bicycles as safe means of transport alternative to cars.

Milano CiclABILE (that literally means ABLE for cyclists) is based on the difficult situation of Milan but applicable by all the cities who wish to work hard to become better urban realities. Let’s play New York ciclABILE, Moscow ciclABILE, Rome ciclABILE…