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Bizz Whizz

by malcolm mutambanengwe


Hey kids. Bizz Whizz is the new exciting game all about how to make money, although simpler and with no lawyers!
How does the game encourage new behaviour?
It gives children vision on how they might be able to make money,
It encourages the development of skills which are useful to become a successful entrepreneur,
It makes learning fun and easy,
It gives children ambition to achieve something meaningful with their lives.

Game structure
The game contains a series of cards, each with a specific function.
Money cards (2000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000, 100 000), there are 12 copies of each note
Factory cards (24 factories), each player starts with one factory and can earn more.
Bank cards (interest rate 10%, interest rate 20% on loans), minimum loan is 20 000.
Strike cards (10 strike cards); a strike will shut-down a factory for 4 rounds.
Factory closed (2 cards). Will completely remove a factory from the slide. Dangerous!

Factories move along a vertical slide which has graduations of 10 000. When a factory reaches the top 1 000 000, that player would have won the game. The strike card is used by one player against another to slow down their progress. To move up the slide (in the form of a skyscraper building) the player would have to invest an equivalent amount of money in the bank. After 4 rounds a player can claim interest from the bank (savings interest is 20%). A player can take a loan from a bank but will have to pay back interest after 4 rounds, either 10% or 20% interest charged by the next player. A player can have more than one factory climbing the slide, although only one factory can move at a time. A strike card can be neutralised by paying 50 000.The game begins with each player recieving 5 cards, one being a factory card.