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Assassins Trivia

by Mike Cousins
Co-authors: Aamir Habib, Claire Mosier, Jake Vander Ploeg, Tristan Sokol

Assassins Trivia is a new take on the classic game of Assassins.

For those who don't know, Assassins is a game played by a large number of people. A central organizer takes the names of all the players, and randomly assigns each player another random player as his or her "target." The player's goal is to "assassinate" the target so that they can gain their target's target as their own. The last player remaining is the winner.

Usually, an "assassination" consists of hitting your target with a sock, squirting them with a water gun, or other random acts like that. But we devised a twist on the game that is not only fun, but encourages players to get smarter.

To assassinate your target, you must ask him or her a trivia question on a given subject about which the game is based (for example, Italian history). If your target answers incorrectly, you have successfully completed your assassination. If your target is correct, though, you have revealed your identity and cannot attempt another assassination for a set period of time. The organizer will judge any disputed questions and/or answers.

The best assassin will be the player who is able to learn the most about the subject of the game, because that player will be able to come up with the best questions and “survive” the most assassination attempts. Assassins Trivia makes learning fun!