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Active Alarm

by Mike Cousins
Co-authors: Aamir Habib, Claire Mosier, Jake Vander Ploeg, Tristan Sokol

Active Alarm is a game to encourage people to get out of bed when they need to and to not get back in.

The alarm is a program running on a computer, and connected to the computer is a videogame dance pad. When the alarm goes off, the player must "dance" on the pad in the correct sequence (similar to Dance Dance Revolution) in order to get the alarm to stop going off.

After playing the game, the player will feel more awake and less inclined to go back to bed because of the fun, the physical activity, and the fact that he or she had to get out of bed to turn the alarm off. The player will have a better day because he or she didn't hit the snooze button twenty times and got an active start to the day.