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Bottle Baller

by Mike Cousins
Co-authors: Aamir Habib, Clair Mosier, Jake Vander Ploeg, Tristan Sokol

Bottle Baller is a game for communities who want to encourage recycling. Over the course of several weeks, participants will collect any recyclable plastic bottles they see lying around. At the end of the several weeks there is a competition where all the participants gather. There are recycling bins set up with basketball hoops over them. The players take turns trying to throw the bottles they collected into the baskets from a set distance. The more bottles a player collects, the more times he or she will get to shoot. Every basket made is a point, and the person at the end of the day with the most points wins and gets a prize. Prizes can be given to however many runners up as is desired by the community running the event. Afterwards, everyone helps pick up all the bottles that didn’t go in the bins so that everything gets recycled. This game gets people to recycle and makes people more mindful of not recycling their plastic bottles.