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Green-Child cards game

by Rachel Segev-Tal
Co-authors: Anat Goldberg, Rachel Segev-Tal

32 things that can be done for planet Earth.

The Green-Child game is divided for 2 groups of cards:

1/ Weekly Activity Cards:
What will we focus on this week?
32 cards to hang on the refrigerator to remind and direct the whole family towards green activity within the household.
By family vote the “Weekly Activity" card is chosen.
It is hung on the refrigerator, and each week a different green activity is practice: going on foot, drawing on both sides of the page, repairing instead of buying, etc…

2/ The Game of Fours:
Cards relating to ecological concepts that can be understood through experience are distributed, stimulating thought and discussion about our habits and their consequences. There are eight sets, each consisting of four cards relating to a specific subject: “thinking green,” “minimizing the damage,” “using what there is,” etc.

Today, with the obvious need for a change in attitude towards the state of our environment,
new tools are needed to help us to teach and to learn new behavior.

Experience shows that children readily adopt and adapt to new environmentally - friendly behavior,
and can serve as agents for change for the entire family.

The Green Child game was created by Anat Goldberg and Rachel Segev Tal.