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be-B : Braille Education Ball

by Danielle Pecora

be-B (Braille Education Ball) allows users (both blind and sighted) to learn Braille letters in a fun and playful way! The ball has 26 magnetically attaching pegs on it (one for each letter of the alphabet). One side of the peg has a Braille letter on it, while the other side shows the corresponding Latin letter. The ball also has 26 indented circles on it, each with a Braille letter. There is a raised line on the side of each peg and underneath each Braille letter on the ball to orient users as to which side is down. The object of the "game" is to match each Braille peg to its corresponding spot on the ball. The toy also has an electronic device in it that "speaks" the letter that is touched on the ball and which emits a chime when a Braille peg is correctly matched with its corresponding letter on the ball. Both fun and educational, be-B is a toy that turns learning into a challenging game that engages multiple senses and encourages cognitive development. Suitable for ages 3 and up.